First Month Interest Free Product Offering

One of our lenders has a special offering until the 30th June 2022 (so you have to be quick) whereby the first months interest of your loan is FREE! That would mean, when borrowing £100,000 clients receive up to £1,000 back upon their final repayment.

This lender offers 1st and 2nd charge bridging loans, development exit loans, auction finance, BMV purchases etc. Their LTV is up to 75% (100% for BMV), loans from £25k - £5m, rates from 0.49% per month, 1 - 24 month terms and this offer is available in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

* T&C’s: The loan must complete within 6 weeks of their ‘lock in’ and valuation fee payment, first month rebate will be paid on full repayment of the loan, all payments must have been made on time and it is a maximum of 1% discount! *

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