Development Finance

What is Development Finance?

Development finance is a property and land secured loan which provides funds to allow the developer to build his site or complete the refurbishment of a property.​​​

What Restore Finance can offer you?

  • Some of the best rates on the market

  • Loans from £26k

  • Up to 100% of the purchase and development cost

  • Locations throughout the United Kingdom

  • Terms from 3 to 36 months

  • Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use

Detailed below is a more comprehensive review of our development finance products:

Development projects can be split into three categories:


  1. Property Development Finance – The site may be purchased with either full or outline planning permission and then additional funds provided as the development is built.

  2. Property Refurbishment Finance - Involves the purchase of a property and straight-forward refurbishment. Typically, these projects have a fast turn around and again funds are provided as the refurbishment progresses.

  3. Property Conversion Finance - Involves more substantial work such as an extension, conversion of an existing property into flats, or some other structural re-modeling. This type of property conversion will almost always involve planning consent, building control, and sub-contractors.




Most development lenders require the client to be an established property developer. But if a novice can demonstrate that they are using experienced and reputable contractors then this will suffice.



Rates & Parameters


The rates and parameters for development finance are similar to those for bridging. However, most lenders will usually do 50% LTV if it is land (although we have several lenders who will do 70%) and up to 75% if it is a property that is being refurbished/ renovated. And most of our lenders fund 100% of the development costs.



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