NEW PRODUCT - 80% Loan To Value

Introducing... The Blended Bridge and Mezzanine Loan which gives you a LTV of 80%!

As you probably know, due to Covid-19 many lenders have lowered their loan to values or stopped lending. However, one of our regular panel lenders who is an asset driven lender has joint forces with an associated lender and they have combined two finance products... bridging finance and mezzanine finance. Which joint together, will give you a loan to value of 80%!

Our lender will do a 65% LTV bridge at circa 1.5% per month and then the associated lender will do up to 15% LTV on a mezzanine loan at 2.5% per month. So that means you get 80% loan to value at a total blended rate of 1.7% per month.

Arrangement fees are 3% on the bridging loan and 5% on the mezzanine loan. Exit fees are 1% on both. Interest can be serviced or deducted. Adverse credit allowed.


Email: Call: 01942 665 305

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