Selective Invoice Financing

This lender allows you to select a certain invoice to finance as opposedto your whole ledger and is perfect for the following:

Funding particular invoices/debtors.

You have lumpy/seasonal cashflow. You have a particular payment to make. You want a fully flexible finance facility. You don't want to be tied up in a contract.

Your overdraft is too small. Other Benefits are:

Control: You can use this facility only for the invoices you want, only when needed. It is free to set-up the account and completely pay per use.

Transparency: No contracts, no hidden or ongoing fixed fees, no disbursement charges, you understand the price before you fund an invoice.

Simplicity: 100% online, technology driven finance, extremely user-friendly and integrates with major SME accountancy software platforms.

Flexibility: No lock-in contract, typically no personal guarantee or all asset debenture. Will fund domestic and international debt with up to 90% advance.

Speed: Can be set-up within 48 hours.

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