What RFL can offer you in 2018

Bridging Loan: we offer an excellent range of bridging loans with interest rates from 0.49% pm. We can secure advances of up to 80% LTV or up to 100% with additional security or for purchases at under value.

Development Loan: Our panel lenders cover the whole of the UK and offer 100% of the development costs and up to 70%of the purchase costs.

Molly Stott From Restore Finance, Quoted:

'We have the ultimate speedy service, If you need your bridging or development loan completing within 7 working days due to unforeseen circumstances then contact us urgently as we can help.'


Why use a Commercial Finance Broker?

  • Expertise: Restore Finance have over 20 years experience.

  • Knowledge: Not all lenders are the same, you need to use a commercial finance broker who understands the market and will introduce you to the lender best suited to you.

  • Save time and money : Using a broker allows you more time to manage the day-to-day running of your business as you have the reassurance that you know someone is dealing with your application. It also limits the risk of your case being declined, as the broker trusts their panel lenders and wouldn't try to place it where it might get rejected.


Contact us to find out, how we can help you!

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