Purchase & Park Facility!

Introducing Our New Purchase & Park Facility! Sometimes you may not be ready to start your latest project or a great opportunity has arisen to purchase a property or site that you don't want to miss out on... So why don't you use our new facility... Purchase & Park!

This product can be used for purchasing the following land / property:

  • Without planning to enable planning to be gained.

  • With planning to enable changes to be made.

  • With outline planning so that full planning can be gained.

  • With full planning but you don't want to start building straight away.

Criteria: LTV: Up to 75%. Rates: From 0.65% per month. Term: Up to 12 months. Location: The whole of the UK. All land and property considered. This facility gives you the opportunity to purchase the security, obtain the planning that you desire which then allows you to exit onto a development / refurbishment facility.

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