Free Legals until Monday 4th April 2022

One of our lenders is offering to pay up to £2000 of the legal fees per borrower if the borrowers deal is ‘locked in’ by midnight on Monday 4th April 2022.

This lender offers 1st and 2nd charge bridging loans, development exit loans, auction finance, BMV purchases etc. Their LTV is up to 75%, loans from £27.5k - £5m, rates from 0.49% per month, 1 - 24 month terms and this offer is available in England and Wales.

If you would like to see if your deal qualifies and take advantage of the free legals, please get in touch with us!

* Terms and Conditions: Lock in fee and valuation fee must be paid by midnight 4th April 2022 and the loan must complete within 6 weeks of the lock-in date. Excludes Scotland. Legal fees up to £2000 will be paid on completion. *

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