An Alternative to Mezzanine Finance... The Sales Guarantee Scheme.

We have a new product that we are offering which helps property developers. The sales guarantee scheme is similar to mezzanine finance in that it is a smaller facility than your main development loan but the scheme is typically cheaper and not secured on your site. Our funder will exchange contracts at 10% of the agreed purchase price, generally 80% of the OMV. This exchange is as a sales guarantee as opposed to a pre sale, which means the units can still be sold at OMV. This releases 8% of your GDV for use towards the development. Product Details:

  • No arrangement fees.

  • Experienced property developers only.

  • Schemes between 15 - 60 units.

  • Houses only.

  • GDV between £3m - £20m.

  • The cost is from 3.5% to 7% of the GDV.

  • No charges on site.

  • Fully secured by the borrowers warranty provider.

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