Black Friday Deals with Restore Finance

How many deals can you count?


100% funding of the purchase price when the property is being bought below market value:

  • Rates from 0.95% per month.

  • Up to 70% net against OMV.

Interest and arrangement fees can be rolled up.


The Open Ended Bridge: You can choose either a 6 or 12 month term from 0.95% per month rolled up and then at the end of your term you can service it indefinitely at 1.5% per month. This means that if you haven't achieved your desired exit, you're not going to be stung with an expensive extension or default costs or have to go to the expense of re-bridging. The highlights of this new product:

  • 6 or 12 month bridge with interest rolled up.

  • From 0.95% per month.

  • 1.5% per month serviced at the end of the term.

  • Up to 70% LTV.


VAT Funding on your property purchase: VAT adds 20% onto your property purchase and our new lender will lend you the total VAT until it is refunded. So don't let VAT put you off buying your next property, this lender specialises in funding the VAT, they secure themselves behind your principal lender.

Loan Sizes: £50k to £5m.


One of our panel lenders has increased its Loan to Value to 80% with competitive rates.

  • Rates from 1% per month.

  • No minimum payment term.

  • Up to 80% LTV.

  • No formal valuation in most cases - their underwriters will inspect to speed up the process and minimise costs.

  • Serviced or rolled up interest.


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