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We're a family-run business that was established in 1998. We like to build strong customer relationships and give each of our client's guidance as well as a strong vision. We find the best solutions, that are both fast and efficient, there is never a slow 'no' with us.
As we are a family-run business this gives us the time to get to know you personally as well as understanding your requirements, without being passed around. We have over 20 years of financial services experience so we value and believe that commitment and trust is key. This is what makes us different. 

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Bridging Finance is a short-term funding option secured against property or land. This type of financing is most normally used to fulfill a company's short-term working capital needs, Residential buy to lets, Commercial and Semi- Commercial.

Re- Bridging Finance is when an outstanding bridging loan is coming to an end and the borrower hasn’t achieved the expected exit. If the lender won’t extend the facility or is looking to charge heavy default rates, then Restore Finance can provide a re-bridge at competitive rates to take out the existing bridge and give the borrower more time to achieve their desired exit.


Development finance is a property and land secured loan which provides funds to allow the developer to build his site or complete the refurbishment of a property.​

Commercial Mortgages

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& More

We also provide these following services:Auction FinancePlant & Machinery Finance​, Vehicle Finance​, Invoice Financing, Buy To Let Mortgages, Commercial Loans (Secured & Unsecured), Asset Refinancing, Single Invoicing and Restructuring.


Years of Experience

We have many great relationships with lenders, clients and introducers! This gives us access to products that won’t normally be available to other brokers, therefore, expanding your product range and expertise and broadening the range of services that you can then offer to your client. If you are unfamiliar with the finance facility we are offering, we can always organise a 1-2-1 session with yourself (over coffee/tea) and advise you on how you can now offer this loan type to your clients.


We are very open about the commission we will receive and split all commission evenly. We won't hide anything and we will let you know of all stages of the deal. As we know, the finance industry goes through stages of peaks and troughs therefore if you want to take some stress off your hands, you can give us a name and number of your client and we will assist until completion.


All introducer fees are paid at the drawdown of funds.


Funding Wall

This is a selection of past completions.

Purchase & Refurb Loan

Loan Amount: £268k

Location: Cornwall

Date Completed: Aug 2021

Re-Bridging Loan

Loan Amount: £1.2m

Location: Kent

Date Completed: Nov 2021

Development Loan

Loan Amount: £650k
Location: Lancashire
Date Completed: Aug 2021

Working Capital Loan

Loan Amount: £47k
Location: Glamorgan
Date Completed: Dec 21

Developers Exit Loan

Loan Amount: £500k
Location: Lincolnshire
Date Completed: Sep 21

Re-Bridging Finance

Loan Amount: £378k

Location: Cheshire
Date Completed: Jul 2021

Commercial Loan

Loan Amount £270k 

Location: Surrey

Date Completed: Oct 21

Bridging Finance

Loan Amount: £378k

Location: Cumbria

Date Completed: Dec 21


Secruity For
Our Lenders

Legal Charge

A first charge mortgage is the primary legal charge against your property, which takes priority over any other mortgages. If the property is sold or refinanced, the first mortgage is paid before any of the other mortgages charged on the property. Usually, the loan used to purchase the property is secured by a first charge.

2ND & 3RD
Legal Charge

Second and third charge mortgages have secondary and third priority behind your main mortgage. It is a secured loan, which means the borrowers property is used as security. Quite often Deeds of Priority will be entered into between the various lenders setting out the levels of their debt.


A mortgage debenture is a fixed and floating charge in which a loan is secured against a company’s assets. A legal document is registered at Companies House which notes the lender’s interest and prevents another lender obtaining a debenture. The debenture covers cash, property, tangible and intangible assets that are owned by the Limited Company.


A personal guarantee is an individual’s legal promise to repay a limited companies debts. Providing a personal guarantee means that if the business becomes unable to repay its debts, the individual guarantor is personally liable and responsible.

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